How to add PC Decrapifier as a Custom App

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add your PC Decrapifier executable to TechSuite as a Custom Application.

  • First, download your PC Decrapifier exe to any directory on your computer.
  • Open up TechSuite, and go to the My Apps section of the Tools page. Click the "New" button to create a new Custom App.

  • Give the tool a name, select the operating systems it works on, and make sure you've selected "Yes" for "Browse Locally":

  • Select your PC Decrapifier executable and press "Upload". Wait for your upload to complete.

  • If using the PRO version, enter any command-line arguments you want to use. We are also using %cmd_output_path% as the report path, which will just pull any command prompt output from the tool. If you are generating a log file in a particular place, you may want to change this.

  • Click Save, and then go back to your Tools page > My Apps. You should now see your tool there.


  • Click Run, and you'll see that the tool pops up. You're done!


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