How to add Fab's Autobackup as a Custom Application

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add your Fab's Autobackup executable to TechSuite as a Custom Application.

1. First, download your Fab's Autobackup self-extracting executable to any directory on your computer.

2. Extract the contents of the self-extracting zip into any folder. Please consult the Fab's Autobackup documentation for information on that.

3. Open up TechSuite, and go to the My Apps section of the Tools page. Click the "New" button to create a new Custom App.

4. Give the tool a name, select the operating systems it works on, and make sure you've selected "Yes" for "Browse Locally":

5. Select your Fab's executable and press "Upload". Wait for your upload to complete.

6. If using the command-line version, enter any command-line arguments you want to use. We are also using %cmd_output_path% as the report path, which will just pull any command prompt output from the tool. If you are generating a log file in a particular place, you may want to change this.

7. Click Save, and then go back to your Tools page > My Apps. You should now see your tool there.

8. Click Run, and you'll see that the tool pops up. You're done!


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