How to Migrate Presets from TechWARU v1 to v2

Due to large difference in the naming and number of tools between TechWARU v1 and v2, we cannot migrate presets over to v2. We do apologize for any inconvenience this causes. 


To effectively migrate Presets in v1 over to "Procedures" in v2, we recommend opening up both programs side-by-side and manually adding tools to new Procedures based on presets found in v1. Note that not every tool will have a direct equivalent, we recommend using the search function will help find equivalent tools faster. If you are unable to find an acceptably equivalent tool, there are two options.

1. Create a Custom app to perform the function that you require. Documentation can be found here, Adding a custom app

2. Request for the tool to be added into v2: Request


If you would like any assistance in this task, we're here to help! Contact us here



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