How can I manually reformat a USB drive for TechUSB?

If you're having issues with a USB drive, it may help to manually reformat the drive before using the TechUSB Creator. Below are the necessary steps to do so:


  1. Boot into a Windows Computer
  2. Insert the USB Drive
  3. Open a command prompt as an administrator
  4. Start the diskpart tool prompt by typing the following:

    and press Enter.
  5. List all the disks connected to the computer by typing the following:

       list disk

    and press Enter.
  6. It will give you a list of drives, with a corresponding drive number. Find the USB drive you inserted in the list, and type the following:

        select disk <your disk number>

    For example, if you saw that your disk was disk 3, you'd type:

        select disk 3

    and press Enter.
  7. NOTE: The following step will wipe your drive, please ensure you've picked the correct drive.
  8. Wipe the drive by typing the following:


    and press Enter.
  9. Create a Master Boot Record by typing the following:

        convert mbr

    and press Enter.
  10. Create a new primary partition by typing the following:

        create partition primary

    and press Enter.
  11. Select the primary partition by typing the followoing:

        select partition 1

    and press Enter.
  12. Format it as a fat32 partition by typing the following:

        format fs=fat32

    and press Enter.
  13. Assign it to a drive letter by typing the following:


    and press Enter.
  14. Make it an active partition by typing the following:


    and press Enter.

Now run the TechUSB Creator, and you should be good to go.

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