What is the Managed Antivirus add-on? What does it do?


Malware demands proactive solutions

Malware comes in all shapes and sizes. It can (and will) take advantage of static protection gaps as well as naive users' mistakes. When sophisticated malware such as CryptoLock-style viruses can immediately take and hold users' data hostage, the need for premium, up-to-date protection is clear. Your customers may not know that there's an arms race at hand, but you do. If you can prevent your customers from becoming victims of anonymous thieves, they can use their computers as intended: with peace of mind. And with Kabuto Managed Antivirus you can protect your customers while running your business as intended: to earn a profit.


What is the Managed Antivirus add-on?

By enabling the Managed Antivirus add-on on your customers' devices, you will ensure that they will be protected by Emsisoft Anti-Malware, one of the most robust and reliable products on the market. You'll be able to clear workstations of viruses, malware, and potentially unwanted programs, then keep those devices under your protection. You can also protect your customers from themselves with real-time surf protection. You have full, visible control over everything.


Enabling the add-on

  1. Select a device in your Kabuto dashboard > "View"
  2. Navigate to the "Anti-Virus" tab and enable Managed Antivirus
  3. The next time Kabuto syncs on that device, Emsisoft will install

You can do this on 1 device at a time, 10 devices at a time, or 100. There is no minimum for the add-on, and there is no maximum.


Kabuto dashboard

  • Set up scheduled scans (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Run scans on demand
  • Review scan logs to understand threats, scan duration, etc.
  • Enable Real-Time Protection
  • Enable Surf Protection
  • Verify definitions are up to date


What does it do?

Broadly speaking, Kabuto Managed Antivirus does two things:

  • Protects your customers from malicious threats (and removes existing ones)
  • Increases your shop's revenue

At $2 per month per device, it can provide a mutually beneficial service to your customers with a healthy profit margin.

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