All about the Kabuto Customer-Facing Installer

Kabuto Customer-Facing Installer

The Kabuto Customer-Facing Installer (CFI) gives you a great way to distribute Kabuto to your customers. The interface is simple and user-friendly.


The Customers' Experience

Your customers first receive the CFI from you in one of the ways detailed in Distribution Methods. After double clicking the installer they will be presented with the window shown below. 

After entering their information and clicking "Install," they're done. You'll be able to find their devices on the Kabuto Dashboard just as if you had installed Kabuto yourself.


Distribution Methods

The CFI is easily distributed to new and existing customers in a few ways:

An Email to Your Customers: A simple and sweet email to your customers about the Benefits of Kabuto (See "How Does This Help?"). You'll need the link to your installer which can be copied from the Kabuto Dashboard on the Account Page. 


Add a Button or Page on Your Website: Another effective method for distributing Kabuto is to create a page or button on your website that new/existing customers can sign up with. Pairing that with an email is a popular combination. Just as with the previous method, explaining Kabuto effectively is very important.


Updates and Configuration

After installation, you can depend on Kabuto to perform automatic unattended updates on each device. 

To adjust any of the settings for any device, head to your Kabuto Dashboard and select the device in question (click View). 

From this page, it is possible to adjust monitoring, customer info, device info, and more. 


If you are curious about which devices have been added via a customer facing installer, there is a filter that will allow you to view only those:


Additionally, an email notification can be sent to your "Support Request Email" whenever a customer adds a device to your Kabuto account. You can access this preference by going to Settings.



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