What is Kabuto?

Kabuto is a customer-facing application that:

1) Monitors a device's overall health. If and when an issue is detected, it...
2) Generates a branded alert that provides the user with the option to contact you.

Kabuto updates silently and can be managed remotely from your online dashboard. Until Kabuto detects an issue (according to your specification), it will run silently in the system tray with an icon of your choice.

Kabuto's add-ons offer additional functionality. Monitoring is an add-on that grants you access to the status of devices. Simply put, with monitoring enabled, you'll be able to monitor the status of your customers' devices and receive email notifications when those statuses change.

The ultimate goal of Kabuto is to build loyalty by facilitating easy communication between you and your clients. With add-ons, Kabuto is also a simple way to get your foot in the door with managed services.

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