How do I set up an integration with FreshDesk (Webhook integration)?

Freshdesk is a popular support system used by computer repair techs and other professionals to support their customers. While we do not have a direct integration with them, here's how you can set up a Freshdesk integration through TechPortal. 

Note: This uses our webhook integration and can therefore be used for nearly any other service with a public API. 


  1. Login (or create an account) to Zapier. Click "Make a Zap!" 
  2. Next modify your Trigger to have use Webhooks by Zapier and Freshdesk. For this integration we want the action on Freshdesks to be "Create Ticket"
  3. Next we'll need to grab the webhook URL that Zapier would like us to use. Your webhook will be a different URL. Copy that URL into your clipboard and head over to TechPortal
  4. Now on TechPortal, head to Settings > Integrations. Select Webhook and paste the webhook URL into the field. Click "Test & Apply"
  5. Next go to your FreshDesk account and grab your API Key. Copy it into your clipboard. Now, we're heading back to Zapier to finish the integration. 
  6. Paste the Freshdesk API into the Freshdesk account's field and click "Continue"
  7. Next we'll be adding in any values that we would like to pass to Freshdesk. Leave the Key field blank. We won't be needing it. Now we will pair Freshdesk's fields with TechPortal's. The available attributes are detailed in TechPortal Documentation for web hooks. There we'll see values like logpath, customer_name, ticket_number, etc. Pair the fields as you see fit. Most of the fields will be named the same between the two services so the selection should be rather simple. Ticket No should use Ticket Number, etc. 
  8. Finally once we've paired up the proper fields, test and save your webhook and the integration will be complete!

Enjoy your integration with Freskdesk. If you have any questions about this article or the set up process, please reach out to us for any clarification. 


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