How do I install Kabuto on a Device?

This guide will show you how to install Kabuto on a new Device.

  1. Navigate to your Kabuto Dashboard ( and click the "Download Installer" button in the top-right corner of the screen to download the client.

  2. Run the installer that was downloaded as an Admin.

  3. If prompted, enter the API Key for your account. You can find your API Key on the Settings page of your Kabuto Online Dashboard.

  4. Enter the contact information for the owner of this device. This will enable you to contact the device owner if issues occur.

  5. Choose which issues will trigger a dialog being shown to the client, and if you want monitoring on this device. You can always edit this information from the Kabuto Online Dashboard after the fact. Please note that monitoring may cost extra, so make sure to consult the plan page of your Kabuto Online Dashboard to see pricing.

  6. Once Kabuto finishes installing, you should see a confirmation message.

  7. Kabuto will start looking for issues, and you'll see it on your Kabuto Online Dashboard instantly. The Windows Application will check every 6 hours for new issues, and send info to the Online Dashboard.

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