How does billing & payment work for Kabuto?

There are two basic types of subscriptions for Kabuto: base plan subscriptions, and Upgrade subscriptions. The former pays for custom branding and the deployment of the Kabuto app itself, while the latter pays for additional functionality. 

Base Plans (annual payments)

These are what you'll likely pay for first, to get started using Kabuto (after your free trial). All of the paid base plans (Growth, Elite, and Enterprise) allow you to custom brand the Kabuto app, while the unpaid base plan (Starter) does not. 

It's $119 per year for a 250 device cap, $249 per year for a 1000 device cap, and $499 per year for unlimited device installations. If and when you upgrade plans mid-subscription, the price will be prorated accordingly.

Upgrades (monthly payments)

These are a la carte, per device, per month subscriptions that you can enable or disable at any time. Monitoring is $0.50, and Managed Antivirus (which includes a license for Emsisoft's Anti-Malware) is $2.00. Alternatively, you can bring your own Emsisoft Anti-Malware key and use the Managed Antivirus Upgrade, which allows you to manage Emsisoft, for $0.50.


What happens if I enable an Upgrade on a device halfway through my billing cycle?

You will only be charged for the amount of the month that remains in that billing cycle. For example, if you enabled monitoring on a device halfway through the month, you'd be charged $0.25 instead of $0.50 for that billing period. Please note that turning off monitoring does not affect the current billing period.

How often will I get billed for Upgrades?

We bundle all of your Upgrade fees together and prorate them accordingly, so you'll be charged only once per month for Upgrades, regardless of when you enabled them.


Note: Details about all of this here.



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