I'm an MSP, how can I use TechSuite in my business?

Using TechSuite as an MSP

Typically a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is performing remote monitoring and management work to their clients. TechSuite, in particular TechWARU, fits in with the management side of the offering. 



TechWARU can be scheduled to remotely run repairs on a client's computer with a simple script. 

TechWARU can do this through its command-line access which we've detailed here: Command-Line Parameters in TechWARU


Using an example script such as this:

path_to_tw/TechWARU.exe -cw -sp="password" -preset=msp_preset -customer="John Doe" -workorder=123


...computers can be configured to run on any schedule using Microsoft Task Scheduler. From this point TechWARU's reports are uploaded to TechPortal (and your choice of CRM after that) and can be accessed later.

To learn more about using Microsoft Task Scheduler, click here


Distributing TechWARU

TechWARU is best distributed in the following way. 

  1. Download a fresh copy of TechWARU from TechPortal > Downloads*
  2. Create the presets you'd like to use
  3. Back up those Presets on TechPortal (Application > Export Config)
  4. Copy the TechWARU.exe and Assets folder to any managed machine

*Alternatively, you can make a direct link to TechWARU; the following is the format:

https://repairtechsolutions.com/teches/<YOUR TECH ID>/download_techwaru?email=<YOUR TECH EMAIL>&key=<YOUR TECH KEY>

- The Tech ID can be found in the URL once you've logged in as a specific technician.
- The Tech Email is...the technician's email!
- The Tech Key is the authentication key (you'll find it in TechPortal > Downloads).



Updating the available Presets

TechWARU can be synchronized with TechPortal via Application > Import Config. This will pull down all added presets to TechWARU and make them available for run via command-line.*

*Alternatively, you can perform the following steps in your script to automate this:

- Download and run TechWARU.exe
- Wait until "/Assets/Config/TechWARU.ini" exists
- Replace "/Assets/Config/TechWARU.ini" with your config file
- Use your other intended command-line parameters/run TechWARU as usual



  1. Be sure to set a startup password in TechWARU so that a less experienced user won't accidentally open it and run something harmful. Be sure to add the startup password to your script via sp=password 
  2. Create a Preset for each anticipated break-fix scenario. If the scheduled preset doesn't fix everything, it's helpful to have other presets available to resolve the issue during a quick remote session.


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