How do I setup a Helpscout integration through Zapier?

If you've used Helpscout, you'll know that the people over there are doing it right. They are focusing on quality conversations and quick and easy usage for the company's rep. But, how do you get your TechSuite reports sent over to them? Here's how.


  1. Generate an API key for the integration.
  2. Create a webhook to webhook zap on
  3. Set the trigger url that zapier gives you in step 2 of the zap form as the webhook url in TechPortal.
  4. Skip to step 5 of the zap form.
    1. Set the URL to{{2724658__ticket_number}}.json
      (Use the “Insert Fields” button to insert the “Ticket Number” field in the URL.)
    2. Set the Payload Type to “json”.
    3. Add the following 5 fields in the Data section:
      1. type = note
      2. body = {{2724658__tool}} Report: {{2724658__logpath}}
        (This can be anything but you probably want to include the logpath field at least.)
      3. createdBy__email = <user’s email> (notice the double underscores in the next three keys)
      4. createdBy__type = user
      5. createdBy__id = <user’s id> (Get this by going to Manage>Users and look at the URL)
    4. Set the Basic Auth to be the API key from step 1, followed by a pipe (“|”), followed by the letter “x” (the last part can be anything; it’s not used).
  5. Test and save the zap!


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