What do I do if "Run Executable from TechPortal on Boot" isn't working?

When working on a computer, it is often necessary to run some software to "set up" the computer for present or future maintenance. "Run Executable from TechPortal on Boot" is an easy way to achieve this by running a specific tool TechWARU first starts up. A typical use case for this is an RMM executable for future maintenance. 

Of course, if this feature isn't working that could cause some workflow issues, on top of being rather infuriating. Let's remedy that.  

First, let's run through some quick checks:

  1. Turn off any AVs that are currently running, they can sometimes cause issues with not only downloads but core features in TechWARU.
  2. You have a stable internet connection
  3. Make sure TechWARU > Options > Config File > "Run executable from TechPortal on boot" is on
  4. Make sure that your file has been uploaded to TechPortal via TechPortal > Tools > Configure TechWARU (or TechPortal > Integrations)


If all of those conditions are met, then please create a ticket specifying the following conditions. 

  1. Please check to see if the specified executable has been downloaded to TechWARU's Assets folder > 3rd Party Apps. 
  2. Please send us your debug log. To find that, head to Assets > logs > error_logs. Go ahead and attach only the two most recent files in the folder. 

Those two checks will tell us if error is related to network or runtime. Thank you for taking the time to help us. We'll resolve the issue as quick as we can!

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