How should I prepare TechSuite for on-site repairs?

Preparing with TechWARU: 

TechWARU's preparation is simple. Download TechWARU and drop it onto a flash drive. If you've already done this, make sure that you are bringing the Assets folder as well. that way, you'll stay authenticated. The last step is to download TechWARU's 3rd party apps in case you don't have a network connection when on-site. Head to Manual Run > Update All 3rd Party Tools in the menu. You're all set. 

Note: if TechWARU can't upload its reports, it will store them in the Assets folder. The next time you have a connection and launch TechWARU, it will prompt you to upload those saved reports.


Preparing with TechUSB: 

TechUSB's preparation is even simpler. Download TechUSB Creator and build a TechUSB. TechWARU and TechUSB can be on the same drive and not interfere with each other. Simply boot up TechUSB and you're ready to go. 

One more note, similar to the one above: TechUSB will also store its reports locally. To upload reports that weren't uploaded onsite, simply connect TechUSB to network; it will upload the reports automatically.

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