Why aren't all of the AVs automated?

There are two reasons why certain AV tools in TechWARU are not be automated.

  1. We are legally restricted from automating that program
  2. Automation of that program would interfere with other programs

An example of #1 is MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM). MBAM's EULA prohibits the use of MBAM in a commercial environment, as well as automation outside of its own (available in licensed versions).

An example of #2 is ADW Cleaner, which closes all programs that it deems unnecessary before running its scans. Currently, automating ADW Cleaner results in 1) our automation software being closed, and 2) ADW Cleaner being left to hang. Improving this situation (and similar situations) requires cooperation with the third-party developers who make the tool. Therefore, we can't provide a time frame for when ADW Cleaner will be automated in TechWARU.


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