What does my TechSuite Subscription include?

14-Day Free Trial

All plans include a 14-Day Full Featured Trial, so you can get started using TechSuite and see which plan is right for you.

Included Users

Each of your technicians will need their own user account.

A user account will provide each of your techs with:

  • Their own login to TechPortal
  • The ability to use TechWARU and TechUSB with their account
  • The ability to add their name to uploaded reports
  • Their own TechWARU configuration
  • Free TechSuite Training via Webinars
  • The ability to see reports they've uploaded

User accounts do not have access to (This information can only be accessed by your admin account):

  • Your billing info
  • Integration settings
  • Your account settings
  • Other technician's account settings and credentials

As an admin tech accounts help you:

  • See who's working on what at any time
  • Remove technician's who no longer work for you
  • Ensure your technician's are properly trained to use TechSuite

Included TechWARU/TechUSB/TechPortal Usage

You can use TechWARU, TechUSB, and TechPortal as much as you want. We do not limit you on that whatsoever, we just ask that you have an account for each of your technicians.

Email and Phone Support

We take customer support very seriously. Support is included in all plans, and costs you nothing. You can access customer support via the Help Center, or via the support widget at the bottom right of your TechPortal page. Our official hours are M-F 9-5PM PST, and during those hours you can expect very speedy responses. We have been known to respond quite quickly outside of those hours, but it's not as predictable, nor guaranteed. Customers who are on higher pricing plans have access to phone support as well.

Config Sync

TechWARU's custom apps, presets, and settings can all be uploaded to TechPortal, and then synced to other instances of TechWARU. Each technician account can have their own configuration saved to TechPortal.

Product Updates

We are always making an effort to improve TechSuite. We release updates at least once every 2 weeks. Update systems are built into TechWARU, TechUSB, and TechPortal, so updating should be easy.

Software Training

We provide free software training for TechSuite. You can sign up for a training session that fits your schedule at https://repairtechsolutions.com/about/webinar.


We've partnered with a lot of your favorite vendors to provide awesome integrations that help you further streamline your repair process. Currently these vendors include:

- RepairShopr
- mHelpDesk
- ConnectWise
- Autotask
- CommitCRM
- ScreenConnect

You can learn more about the integrations here.

Custom Branding

You can add your own logo and text to TechUSB and TechWARU. For example, in TechWARU you can change the following:

Mobile Apps

Want to see what's going on in your shop on the go? You can use the RepairTech iPhone app to see what's On the Bench, and view your Uploaded Reports. An Android App is in the works.

Beta Application Access

Want to try out new versions of the software before everyone else? Ask us for Beta Access and we'll make sure you get access to a secret section of our User Forums.

Repair Process Consultation

We work with you to understand your organization's goals and ensure that TechSuite is implemented in your organization so that you get the biggest return on your investment. This may include assisting you in creating your Presets, Custom Apps, and discussing best practices for your shop.

Customized Training Materials

After your Repair Process Consultation, we'll work with your team to create customized training videos that detail exactly how you want your technicians to use TechSuite. You can provide this to them in order to get new techs up to speed, and to quickly deploy TechSuite throughout your organization.

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