What is Grsync?


Grsync (Graphical Rsync) is a popular data migration/recovery tool that TechUSB comes with by default. In the past, we've written about the command line counter-part Rsync and while it is always nice to have the flexibility to command line, a GUI is certainly welcome the majority of the time.

Grsync first screen is pictured below. Its basic options include your source,destination, preservation options and more. It is certainly pretty straight-forward.

Rsync has plenty of advanced options and Grsync is no different. 


Grsync also allows some great customization to be able to execute a command before/after running your transfer and grab sudo privileges. Clean-up commands such as Bleachbit would be great for running before the backup. 

RSync itself is a very straight-forward program to use but it offers all the functionality that an advanced/experienced tech might employ.


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