What do I do if TechUSB won't build or boot?

There are several know possibilities for why TechUSB might not build or boot.

1. Certain TechUSB Creator files may have been corrupted during download or the creation process. We recommend following this play-by-play guide, in order from top to bottom, when building TechUSBs:

  • Temporarily disable any AV software (either this or a spotty internet connection may have interfered with TechUSB Creator's downloading of files)
  • Turn off any firewalls or proxies (these could be filtering traffic)
  • Wherever you downloaded the TechUSB Creator, there should be a folder labeled "Config"; delete that folder
  • Run the TechUSB Creator (it will regenerate and populate a Config folder)
  • When you're finished with the build, make sure to "safely eject" the USB drive from the computer before removing it

2. Samsung's Proprietary BIOS (UEFI Booting on Samsung 8.1 laptops): This seems to prevent TechUSB from running.

3. Faulty USB Drives: We have experienced issues with booting on some USB drives. If you are unable to boot with a certain USB drive, and have already tried the alternate boot methods, please try a different brand or model.

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