How does the new authentication work in TechWARU 1.5.0?

TechWARU 1.5.0 includes a dramatic improvement to its authentication system. Previously, you had to enter your authentication information every time you downloaded a new copy of TechWARU, which was tedious and made it difficult to use TechWARU in a remote session.

Authentication in TechWARU 1.5.0

As of TechWARU 1.5.0, TechPortal generates a custom executable for you every time you download it. This custom executable automatically authenticates using the authentication information from the technician account that you are signed into. When you download TechWARU, you should see this:

And TechWARU will just start up without asking you for any authentication information.

What are the benefits of this new way of doing authentication?

  • Far better experience when running TechWARU in a remote session
  • Looks professional while using software in front of clients because you don't have to log in to our website to look at your authentication information
  • You don't have to write down or remember your key anymore!
  • You don't have to zip up the Assets folder with TechWARU any longer just to make sure TechWARU is authenticated, which means that it is far more useful as a command-line utility.

What if I want to switch technicians in TechWARU?

You can still switch technicians the way you did before. Just hit "Sign Out".

If I need my authentication information, where can I find it?

Your authentication information is still available in the Downloads page in your TechPortal.


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