How do I set up a Screenconnect Integration with TechWARU?


This guide will walk you through adding TechWARU to your ScreenConnect Toolbox. Adding TechWARU to your Toolbox can dramatically increase your efficiency in a remote session by downloading and installing the applications for you, and running each tool in a more automated and organized fashion. It is also helpful when documentation about the remote session is needed.

1. Open your toolbox and copy TechWARU.exe into it. 
2. When in a remote session, click TechWARU.exe in your toolbox and ScreenConnect will copy the file to the client's hard drive.
3. Once it's done copying, TechWARU will unpack it's assets and start up.
4. It will prompt you for your authentication information, which you can find on the TechSuite Downloads page on your TechPortal. Once you enter that, TechWARU will take you to the main screen where you can select from over 300 commonly used utilities. Once you've added the tools you want to run into a queue, you can click start. In this example, we're just running some cleanup utilities.
5. TechWARU is now cleaning up the client's computer.
6. Once the cleanup is complete TechWARU will ask you if you want to view your report.
7. If you select “Yes”, it will open the report in your default browser. Below is an example of a report.
8. You can upload these reports to TechPortal by clicking the “Upload to TechPortal” button in the Reports page on TechWARU.

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