Why should I use TechSuite?

Said concisely, TechSuite saves you time by automating the computer repair process. From hardware diagnostics and malware removal, to cleanups and data migrations, TechSuite covers the whole checklist. Best of all, you will know exactly what happened with a complete report at the end.
Three ways TechSuite can improve your business
  1. Using TechSuite is faster, much faster

    TechSuite takes your favorite tools and automates them. One click runs all of those tools and you get a great looking report at the end. 10 computers? 10 clicks. It is that easy. No more fussing with the UI on each tool, clicking hundreds of times, checking the scan every 2 minutes to see if it is done, and so on. TechSuite does all of that for you. 

  2. TechSuite is a centralized, always up-to-date repair resource

    Not only do we automate all the tools you need, but we also keep them up to date. By design, all of these tools are in one place, with one interface. No more manual downloads or time consuming updates that break your workflow. 

  3. We integrate with your favorite tools

    TechSuite generates reports that we store for you. Access, markup, and share them however you like. But, if you would like to shoot them over to your favorite CRM, we directly integrate with a bunch of great companies. If you don't use that list, we've got a general integration setup for you as well. 

To see more of TechSuite and what it can do, we really recommend checking out our free live demo

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