How do I add Malwarebytes Chameleon as a Custom App?

Malwarebytes Chameleon is a useful tool for running Malwarebytes under different filenames and filetypes so malware can't prevent it from running. 

Luckily each of these are Malwarebytes (MBAM) in disguise. As a result, they can be used individually without their .CHM file and we can make a custom app. We have two options.


1) Add Malwarebytes as a custom application with a randomized name. 

  • Either Download Malwarebytes and host it yourself or through Drive/Dropbox or snag a static link. Here is a guide on how to do that: Dynamic vs Static Links 
  • Once you've specified your name and url, select "randomize name."
  • This should have literally the same effect as Chameleon.


The second option is a bit more involved.


2) Add individual Malwarebytes Chameleon executables (custom apps can't use the included .chm file for example) as custom apps

  • Since Malwarebytes Chameleon is essentially a list of executables that have been named more common applications, they need to be added individually as custom applications individually
  • So, download the zip file, host a few (or all) of the contents on a remote storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Add those few tools as custom apps to TechWARU. You'll probably want to name them as "Chameleon #1" or something to that affect.
  • Finally, we would recommend making a preset with all of these options and syncing that with TechPortal (using the menubar TechWARU > Export Config to TechPortal) to allow other instances to use the same method. Make sure to import your config to each new instance!


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