What is the difference between Hiren's Boot CD and TechUSB?

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Hiren's Boot CD is a great customizable tool that many techs cut their teeth on and still use to this day for the more troublesome computers that cross their bench. Yet for all of its benefits, it isn't a very efficient tool. 

Hiren's is not dynamic. Hiren's is written to a CD. This becomes a issue when it when attempting customization after creation and saving runtime data. Hiren's requires a new CD to be built every time the tech wants to add a new tool. If they have 5 Hiren's CD's just the way they want them and a new tool comes out, those 5 CDs need to be remade. 

Hiren's requires reboot. Hiren's doesn't allow multiple tools to be run without reboot. For a repair using multiple tools, the cycling can really cut into the repair time. Putting more computers on the bench multiplies the hassle. 

Hiren's can't automatically run tools. Building off of the previous point, manually running tools gets to be rather tedious. Again, each tool requires interaction to to accomplish the repair and a reboot after completion. 

There are certainly other limitations to Hiren's but all of these (and much more) are solved by TechUSB. 

TechUSB is dynamic. TechUSB allows the technician to adjust their TechUSB's as they see fit. Any tool you'd like to add (linux based) can be added.

TechUSB creates reports. These summarize the information from each of the tools in TechUSB and make understanding the repair easy. It is also a convenient (and backed up) way to log repairs.

TechUSB is Automated. Run through hardware scans, AV scans, and file system scans with (literally) a couple of clicks. TechUSB's automation handles the rest and saves tremendous time that would be spent monitoring the progress of any individual tool. 

TechUSB does not require reboot. It can run as many tools as you would like without the need to reboot the OS. 

TechUSB is an Operating System. TechUSB is based off of Debian Knoppix, a full featured repair OS with additional proprietary tools added by RepairTech Inc. So on top of the normal applications (browser, terminal, GUI, etc.) that you would expect from a OS, there are repair tools such as TechUSB Automator, Phoronix, Rsync, GParted, GSmart Control, Bleachbit, etc.

TechUSB is a package deal. Lastly, TechUSB comes with both TechWARU and TechPortal. TechWARU is our automated Windows repair utility that automates over 350+ commonly used repair utilities. It makes Windows repairs a breeze. TechPortal organizes your reports from TechWARU and TechUSB into one place. Its convenient and accessible from anywhere.

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