Why are Anti-Viruses flagging TechWARU?

The Problem:

First off, great question. Right now TechWARU can be flagged by anti-viruses(AV) as malicious. Why? The answer is not-so-surprisingly related to TechWARU's functionality. TechWARU has the ability to download programs, run programs, change computer settings and more. It does this all automatically. Understandably, this sounds a bit like viral behavior. So now that we understand the issue, what can be done about it?


The Solution:

As of now we have contacted the AV companies to remove us from their respective lists. Some have been very obliging while others have been a bit slower to act. Not everyone is as fast as we are. 

That being said, there is quite a bit that our faithful users can do. Every time that TechWARU is flagged by any AV software, report it as a false positive! Getting onto white lists can be a quantity game and every one of you can help. 

While you are working hard, so are we. We are experimenting with a few solutions to the problem. Although we don't have a timeline to disclose yet, we will keep everyone updated as things move forward. 


Thank you so much for your help!



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