What is this "Assets" folder?

It's everything that TechWARU needs to run. To keep everything running smoothly, keep it in the same directory as TechWARU. For more information, see this forum post.


TechWARU and Remote Repair

We've designed TechWARU to be completely portable. This is perfect for any remote repair situation where you need to send TechWARU over the wire to a client's computer. So, without any installation, TechWARU can be run from the computer or from a USB drive.

So a logical question would be "Where are those files which would normally be made through an install process?

You guess it: the Assets folder

The Assets folder contains your downloaded apps (to keep the initial download of TechWARU quick), presets, and much more.

What are my options with the Assets folder?

There are two options in dealing with TechWARU's Assets folder.

  1. Move the Assets folder with TechWARU to keep your presets, custom apps, etc.
  2. Leave your Assets folder behind (delete it if you'd like) and re-create it on every machine. This is a viable option because of Config Syncing. Simply start up TechWARU, select TechWARU > Import Config file from TechPortal, and you'll have all your settings. 


How should I handle this on remote jobs?

Check this out: How can I use TechWARU remotely?


What about on-site repairs?

Here you go: How to prepare for on-site repairs

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