How can I use TechWARU remotely?

TechWARU is built with remote operation in mind. First, remote in to your client's machine (we recommend screenconnect, they have their own toolbox add-on that's pretty slick) and download TechWARU from TechPortal. Once you've launched TechWARU, select Application > Import Config to retrieve any previously synchronized settings.

From here, we recommend two things. Firstly, try out our "Remote Safe" presets. These presets try to avoid shutting down any processes that support your remote connection.

Secondly, if you're planning on leaving TechWARU on the client's machine, we recommend setting a startup password. If you would like to remotely access TechWARU to run presets, we also recommend checking out its commandline parameters. TechWARU is completely scriptable. 

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