What do I do if my reports are not uploading to TechPortal (and my integration)?

Please double check your internet connection. Occasionally, TechWARU or TechUSB will get blocked by a proxy or firewall. Please allow this type of traffic to go through.
It is possible that TechWARU's repairs have temporarily disabled connectivity. Please cycle the machine. If this persists, run the “Reset Networking” tool and cycle the machine. This should regain connectivity and reports will be automatically uploaded once TechWARU is restarted.
NOTE: TechWARU and TechUSB both store their reports locally. So, if the reports are not uploading on the machine you are working on, they will be uploaded on next available connection to the internet. In the case of TechWARU, the reports that are not uploaded are stored in the Assets folder. If you move this folder (and the TechWARU.exe) to a computer that has connectivity; run TechWARU, this will upload the pending reports. In the case of TechUSB, the pending reports are stored on the USB drive containing TechUSB. Run TechUSB from another computer and the pending reports will upload automatically.

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